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Volunteer Job Descriptions

This is a summary of the positions we need during games. If you have never done this before, that's OK. We have people available to work with you and help you learn the duties of each position. Sign up with a friend and double the fun!
Tip for helping Ike LacrosseConsider volunteering for a game your child is not on. Then you can watch your player's game without distractions. Scorkeeping and timekeeping are the exceptions because you'll be on the sidelines of the game — the best seats in the house!


The Gatekeeper is the first person our visitors see when they come to our games. Make sure to greet them and meke them feel welcome! The Gatekeeper is also responsible for collecting admission to the games, including making change as required. When we have multiple games on the same day, Varsity parents, for example, can be Gatekeepers for the JV-A game so they can watch the Varsity game and vice-versa.


The Scorekeeper is responsible for keeping accurate records in the official scorebook on the sidelines. Player accomplishments such as scores, assists, shots, penalties, ground balls, forced turnovers and so on are recorded. As you would expect, more stats are recorded for Varsity games than for JV-B. Multiple scorekeepers allows one person to "spot" and another to record the information.


The Timekeeper is responsible for keeping the official time of the game as well as timing individual penalties. When we play at Swinehart Field we still need sideline assistance with penalties. When we play at Eisenhower's Track Field the official time is kept in the stands; penalties are kept on the sidelines.


The Photographer is responsible for taking digital photos during the game. These are typically uploaded to an online service such as Snapfish so everyone can enjoy them.


The Videographer is responsible for creating a video record of the game. This video is uploaded to HUDL and given to the appropriate Head Coach for use in subsequent practice sessions.

Concession Operator

The Concession Operator is responsible for making and/or selling food and beverages at home games at Swinehart Field, making change as necessary and depositing funds with the Treasurer. Depending on the day's "menu" it may be necessary to make coffee, hot chocolate, hot dogs, wrap pizza slices, etc.
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