Ike Lacrosse | Eisenhower High School Lacrosse Club, Shelby Twp, MI

For the Love of the Game

Riding the bus listening to some hard-core music to get pumped up
All my pads on I am ready to go
As we arrive at the opponent's school I get pumped
I'm ready to go
The whistle blows and the game begins
Helmets banging left and right
People falling all around the field
All for possession of the little while ball
Running hard and playing hard
I have to score
I pick up the ball and run toward the net
I rip a shot
With my heart pumping I watch the ball
The ball burns past the goalie and goes into the net
The referee raises his arms and signals it is a goal
Play hard all game
We have to win
This game is lacrosse
I love this game
Stephen Potapa
A Celebration of Michigan Poets - Michigan Spring 2004
Stephen Potapa
Dwight D Eisenhower High School
Shelby Township
Grade 10
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